Wednesday, May 22, 2013

two-oh-six, two-oh-seven

a few from a few weeks back. 
this fly is for striped bass.  is the fly that good, or is this fish that hungry?

suquamish.  good pizza.  and views.

Tacoma.  in its element.  still accepting name suggestions for my rig.

OG S. takes his vitamin R on the Yak.

Beautiful Bainbridge Island.

l to r:  Seattle, moon, Rainier.

STP monster.

my main man Money Morley on it.  cheers bro!

one stop shopping.

you can't get there from here.


I love you, Marnie.

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  1. What a photo live a fine life my friend, Mamie surely was proud. Look at Robbins Sr., holy hell he was a baller no doubt! Don't think I don't keep track of you over here on the Freed. Much Love, Wik