Thursday, January 3, 2013

in the middle of it

hello!  a little hiatus from thee olde blog.

had the mighty pleasure of joining some lovely faces in the mountains of northern New Mexico to ring in the year of two thousand thirteen.  been a while since i seen these ones.  missed 'em!

Miss Sarah.  Frances Dog.  Mac.  Meaty.  Outlaw Breen.  

"Frannie!  C'mon Frannie!"
nice moustache willy.

yurt me.
" "

mr. and mrs. shirt patterns with frannie the dawg!

go jesse, go.

this fly will hook you a steelhead.  but only if you believe that it will.

just finished Lani Waller's A Steelheader's Way.  great stuff in there.  of note:

"If I jump around a bit when I write, it's because none of this really happens in a straight line.  Time changes places in the mind as you contemplate, describe, or go fishing, because our hopes emerge, in part, from a desire to relive past events.  The present thus becomes both the past and the future simultaneously, and as long-time angling companion John Ferguson said, "We are always in the middle of it, aren't we?""