Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Four Corners (part deux) plus the Middle

this time, the story goes in reverse.

Easter weekend on Puget Sound was incredible.  the weather was about perfect for me; i don't need it to be too hot to be happy.  what do you get when you combine a couple days off, sun, good friends, a beach, a bonfire, some fishing, good food, good drinks, a jump in the ocean, some bocce and lots of laughs?  a big shot of Washington life.  can't wait for the next round.

in the opposite corner, where "you have to go north to get to the South," i found lots of love.  Mum and Dad picked me up at the airport and we headed to Choko to meet up with the lovely Lee's.  in my search for "home," it's funny (but perhaps not surprising) that the people you're with can make any place feel like home.  more on that later, maybe.  did some tarpon fishing too. you're due, Dad. thanks Boss. 



weekend before that, i went to the homeland, aka Vacationland, aka The Way Life Should Be.  any weekend is a good weekend to visit Portland, but one really good one is St. Patty's Day weekend.  jump in the ocean just because.  have a Guinness at 6 am just because.  drink four car bombs before dinner just because.  see the people you know and love.

California sun before that.  a long overdue reunion with Biddy.  Hear Ye, Hear She!  that cali sun sure feels good.  good food, good friends, good bocce.  good views.  some new, different, good fishing.  thanks Peter!  all.  real.  good.

and before that, the middle.  friends meeting friends meeting friends of friends who are now friends.  i love it.  thanks for the bed, Kerr!  (Drew says thanks, too.)

 all for now.  more to come!  c'mon spring!


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