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Below you will find some fishing/adventure videos I have put together from here and there and there.  There's some good footage in the mix, in between some possibly lower quality, shaky and/or unidentifiable shots as well.  I welcome comments, questions and requests.  You can find some larger sized versions here.  I hope you enjoy.

Fly fishing a remote, northern Maine pond in the Allagash right after ice out in Spring, 2008.

A day of hooky on a small Maine stream whose name shall not be told. Filmed in August, 2008.

Early spring steeleheading on the Salmon River. April, 2009.

The same pond as above, again after ice out. May, 2009.

Here's a short video I put together featuring some feeding New Zealand fish. Some are a little harder to spot than others, but they're in there. This video gives a pretty good feel for some of the vantage points in which you'll come across feeding fish. When you see those jaws come up, oh boy. Good luck casting!

There are five different fish in this video and all are at least 5 pounds. Of these five, two were landed, 5 and 7 pounds. The first fish might be the biggest, but hard tellin'. The last fish is a large rainbow holding in very fast water, about 4 feet down. That was a tough one. Filmed on the South Island, October - February, '09-'10.

Kiwi sheep rescue.

Ice out in the Allagash in April, 2010.

Hooking up southern Colorado. May - October, 2010.

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