Saturday, June 15, 2013

Freed. Seek the Freed.

Tacoma.  In its element.
Bassmasters.  Alongside Lake Crescent.
Yeeeeebub!  Bronze Radio Return.
Cairns.  Sandy River, Oregon.
View.  Way up there.
Beers.  Very big beers.
Chi.  One and only.
Booze.  Read the labels.
Frannie.  Perfect snoozing spot.
Mark.  Ellie meet pike.
Jess.  Northerns on fly.
Rainbow.  Goose Creek rainbow.
Cutbow.  Goose Creek cutbow.
Scene.  Man, dog, fishing.
Scene.  Saturday on Ranch.
Scene.  Preparing to float.
Drew.  Happy birthday Drew!
Fishing.  15 bridge hole.
Crappie.  My first crappie!

got down into the southwest again over Memorial Day.  saw some great friends in every stop along the way and covered some new ground.  friends make it.

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