Wednesday, October 27, 2010


White Lightning rides!

arrived in Brooklyn last night, right to the sports bar for the C's game. friendly, familiar faces awaited me there. Boone had been having reunions while we were in the South, so now it's my turn. now that i'm in the northeast, there should be a fair number of them in the days to come.

been doing some fishing lately. with a lot of driving in between. 4 hours here, 6 here, 5 here, 8 there, and a solid 12 yesterday.
here are a couple fish. one lives in fresh, one lives in the salt.
in the city for one more night then rollin north and west to the fine town of Pulaski. going to be a real good reunion up there. more to come on that.

i hope everyone's well. boston sunday, portland monday. see ya there.

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