Friday, November 5, 2010

the coming home of the son and brother

after four weeks exactly on the road, the son arrived at home. a solid trip, to say the least. the final tour: ranch - austin - shreveport - atlanta - anderson, sc - cashiers, nc - charleston, sc - atlantic beach, nc - anderson - brooklyn - pulaski - arlington - lincoln - portland - home.
above, thoreau's jam.
my roadmate, Southern Steele, captain of Southern Justice, and i parted ways at logan int'l last week. it had been a good run for us. shame on me for not keeping a journal this summer, but if Boone and i weren't on the water 7 days a week, it was 6. if there was ever a common thread to make a friendship, i think the water is it. triumphs and failures bring people together, as do fish in the net. see ya soon, boy.
rolled north and west out of the big city and in a cozy cabin in upstate new york, the reunion i had been waiting for for months awaited. the steele brothers in full were there, not to mention my brother from down under. 7 of us in total took the the Salmon River early every day. in those waters, we would find large trout. in the cabin we would find stories and laughs. a fishing trip of the finest kind.
arrived in Portland early this week, gathered a few friends and made our way to Ruski's, my local watering hole for three years when i lived there. waitress arrived and asked for drink orders. beers, please. "i need id's from you three, but i know you," she said, looking at me. i hadn't been in this bar but one time in the last year and she still recognized me. if that's not a home bar, i'm not sure i know what one is. that was nice. i was able to get reacquainted with a couple waters around Portland while i was there and that was nice as well. Mousamus giveth and while the Presumpscot didn't allow for any "catching," i ran into a few guys on the stream that i knew and had a little reunion with those fellers too.

so. now what. i will make a half-year home in Portland. i will work. apparently this is easier said than done, as craigslist is being a little fickle for me. ol' craig has been real good to me over the past year, so i guess i'm due for some frustration. alas, it will work out. seems like it always does. "something will happen," that's for sure. looking forward to a home base though. it's nice to have the same bed for more than 2 or 3 nights at once. it's nice not to sometimes, but it's nice to sometimes as well. so i made it, back to the motherland. glad to be back. i hope everyone's well. holler at me and let's hang the hell out! see ya soon!

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