Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So long and thanks for all the fish

well. been a while since i wrote and now i am about to say goodbye to the 4UR. maybe more like a 'see you later' i guess.

the end of the season was very busy. we had a group of 14 anglers in who all fished with guides all day. great group of fellers. fishing was pretty good then. ended that group with a bang, putting about a dozen in the net for one guy in the afternoon of the last day.

then we had a wedding here. the ranch was full for the first time since labor day. and in the wedding party we found the group of anglers we'd been looking for all season. a group of 10 Cornell grads fished real hard. awesome guys, very good anglers. and the fishing was nuts. they were ecstatic just to be here and their enthusiasm was rewarded by the mighty Goose Creek with 4 days of epic fishing. my very last guided trip of the summer was the best. hit the water very early with three guys, marko, jeff and matt, before the sun had hit the water. between the three of them i netted close to 15 before 11:30. after a pow-wow, we elected to hit the big river and marko and matt and i drove fast to the Rio. in 45 minutes on the Rio, i netted 13 more. ended that with a double hookup. awesome. high fives. just awesome. i love fishing. not just the very act of it, but the idea, the concept, the thing. everything about it.

Boone and i hit the creek yesterday. in two hours we landed close to thirty. so, thanks Goose Creek, thanks Rio Grande, thanks Walton Pond, Pumphouse Pond, Walton Creek, Soda Creek Pond, thanks for all the fish. so long, and thanks for all the fish. bonus points for anyone who can identify the book/movie that that song comes from.

so what next? after thinking long and hard about it, i think, that i, jesse lance robbins, will go fishing. stay tuned for the next leg, as we Seek the Freed.

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