Thursday, September 1, 2011

White Lightning was my steed

and so i drove. no surprises, the destination was made.
so was the journey.
lots of long, flat, flat. thought of explorers, of lewises and clarks, crossing the land. i knew there were mountains ahead, and beyond that a sea. they knew neither. how did they keep going? White Lightning was my steed and she rode true.

not far into it i wish i had more time. to explore, to look at that and that. will come back to do that.

first stop, Jackson Hole. in a meadow there runs a creek. in the creek in the meadow there are trout. i had stepped into this creek before and when i left it i had not had the pleasure of catching success. the last time i stepped into this creek, i knew it would be hard, and i knew not much else. this time i knew the game better, knew the opponent and his ways, his lair. i had a game plan. a parachute hopper was my bait. and he would eat it. and he did. we danced until he was tired and i netted him, admired him and let him go. a fish called redemption and/or unfinished business finally finished. good feeling.

great friends awaited, two a bit older, two a lot younger. good evening! hugs from the big ones and goodnight hugs from the little ones. water and fish awaited early anglers. went there, no fish. went there, no fish. went there, fish. Boss spots. thanks Boss.
missed fish, bad casts, tangles. laughs. love fishin with ya Boss. brain saucin'.
Boss asks, 'what did i do wrong?' thanks for asking, but you know more than i do.
drive. a lot. fourteen hours White Lightning flies. a friend awaits. talk fish, fishing, life.

fish. arrive by dark, when the steelers are active. for our flies they are not, on this day. no matter. laughs. fishing.
drive. more friends. four older, one younger, one negative.

ahh, campfire. i see you wherever i go and you are always welcoming, intoxicating, full of wonder. and laughs.
fish. want to catch for the little one badly. the little one in her fishing headband, sweats and sandals. fickle fish!
would like to have seen this thing blow up:
drive. destination in sight. arrive by dusk. road fatigue.

the back yard:
some birthday fish! enjoyed the flies i tied for them:
many, many thanks for all the birthday wishes! still love my friends and family. always will. will see you soon.

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