Tuesday, September 6, 2011

th'OP, take one

with three days off in a row (!) i make my first trip to the Olympic Peninsula.
water levels were quite low. one river is currently running at 80 CFS. a fishy co-worker likes to fish this same river at 3,000. so the fish were spread out pretty good. the bite was not consistent on any one fly, but ol' jess is an angler. i was able to entice strkes on a black sculpzilla, a skated caddis fly and also trusty patrick rubberleg.

it was a great feeling to know that these waters would be filled with steelhead and salmon soon. i got the feeling i was standing in something important and famous.
and new. i think this was my first solo fishing/camping trip since i left new zealand. it had been a while. while it's awesome and great to fish and camp with friends, it's also nice to be on your own. the only schedule is yours and you can do whatever you want; fish where and how long you want to, eat when you want, go to bed and get up when you want.
on monday morning, after two days of fishing, i drove out to the coast, Rialto beach, to look around and get my first glimpse of the Pacific Northwest coast. as i've said before, in anyone's travels, you'll inevitably come across places that look like, or remind you of, other places. and inevitably, you'll come to places that don't look like anything you've seen yet. this beach had a touch of new zealand in it, the offshore rocks specifically, but the whole scene was something i had not taken in before.
i will be back to the OP soon.

caught the outgoing and low tide at the beach when i got back to the Island. bird "activity" was fairly low:
and so was fish activity. at least in my casting range.

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