Friday, June 4, 2010


i have been doing some fishing since i arrived at the 4UR. in this past week i have been doing some guiding.
there have been fish in the nets. at the Lost Lakes, above, we caught brookies and yellowstone cutthroat, below.
i've been guiding on Goose Creek, below.
Boone and Andy with a Goose Creek chromer, below. the creek is high and the fish are deep, but they are happy and are willing to take many big, buggy, flies. black rubber leg stoneflies work well, as do marabou flies.
a favorite spot of Boone and mine to fish is Walton Creek. it flows out of Walton Pond and save for this pool below, is about 4 feet wide max. in it are happy browns and the occasional cut-bow. this male took a stimulator real slow like.
Charlie Pepper likes brookies and i like Charlie Pepper:
this brown Boone and i stalked in a backwater-sidechannel and it came up and took a blue wing olive on a first cast.
classic Goose Creek chromer:
the dinner bell tolls...

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  1. Looks like you're having an awesome summer - enjoy! (from a friend of Rick V.)