Monday, May 24, 2010

4UR weather at 7:00 am this monday morning:

Goose Creek is separated into 15, ~1/2 mile beats. saw this sign while en route to station 15:
ranch horsies:
speaking of horses, on sunday, Boone and I were in the White Lightning, en route to fish, when we came around a bend in the ranch road and saw a horse just chowing down on some nice green grass in front of one of the ranch cabins. it was out of the pen, where all the other horses are. i stopped the car and we both looked at the horse, then at each other. "is that horse supposed to be out of the, um, pen?" i asked. we did not know the answer to this question. "it's eating all that nice green grass! aren't we supposed to be making the grounds look real good?" "yea, we should tell someone about that." it's a common theme at the ranch that while everyone has their specific duties that they are definitely responsible for, if something needs to be done, and you see that it needs to be done, you do it. being our first week at the ranch and all, we turned the car around and looked for a higher-up to report our findings to and see what we should do about the situation. it seemed like something should be done soon. we spotted the ranch manager's wife and the head guide's wife walking down the road so we drove up to them, put down the windows and said in a somewhat urgent voice, "hey! there's a horse right over there! out of the pen! what should we do?!" we received the strangest looks, followed by "ahh, yea, that horse is just eating... it's fine." Boone and i looked at each other. "oh, yea, ok," we said and then drove off. we've been imagining the conversation that followed between the two ladies:

"um, were they serious?"
"east coasters. probably never seen a horse before."
"yea, they should really just stick to fishing."

in other news, i went for a run today and did not make it over the last hill before home without walking. that mountain air! i did beat the ranch managers' kids in H.O.R.S.E though.
haven't seen a single Celtics game since i got to Colorado. OT loss? bah.

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