Friday, February 5, 2010

ice sweat

greetings! just a quick whatup post. we're current in Fox Glacier. that's the town. we just went to the actual glacier though. as you might guess, the water coming from that glacier is rather cold. i put my hand in it, which, Lucas tells me, is the official way to "see" a glacier. he speaks from experience.

that fish up there is a blinding bright sea-run brown all of 7 pounds that Lucas took on a cicada pattern. his biggest kiwi fish to date. absolutely gorgeous.
we've been on the west coast for a while now and the scenery is wild. the rivers are like jungle waterways and it's amazing that they hold trout, but they do, and the trout are hungry for cicadas and blowflies.
we stayed in a hut that was dated 1905. it was a great spot. the bugs were bad. we've had several restless nights of stinging sandflies and buzzing mosquitos. what it is.
another absolutely gorgeous brown, this one taken on a parachute adams. first cast, thereof. just wait 'til you see the video of that. woowee!
hooked up!

here's a nice 5 pounder that took a blowfly that i carefully put in front of its nose.
while driving up the coast this afternoon we came to a beach and noticed a couple rock and stick structures that someone had built out of driftwood and beach rocks. we slowed then realized that a half mile stretch of road next to the beach was absolutely full of these little sculptures. i can't think of an adjective at the moment to describe it. i built three.
oh, and here's this giant moving piece of ice. i can't think of what it's called.
roll on!


  1. Great post. We were at a Waitangi Day BBQ yesterday and I heard that beer is a great insect repellent because it has lots of B vitamins. I don't know if you are supposed to spread it on your skin (what a waste!) or drink it but if you drank enough I guess you wouldn't care if the bugs were biting!
    Look forward to seeing you soon and seeing more of your pictures.

  2. sweet stretch of beach there bro, fish weren't bad either