Monday, February 15, 2010

" "

the plane leaves in a few hours. can't think of much to say right now, but i did make a playlist with some songs by some people who did have something to say about it all.
"I'm lost in the ozone again."
"Well these two dollar shoes,
Lord, they hurt my feet.
But that fifty cent liquor,
it could not be beat.
And I see no reason, reason to be sad."
"Keep your eyes on the road,
your hand upon the wheel."
"Well there's no stronger wind than the one that blows down a lonesome railroad line.
No prettier sight than looking back on a town you left behind.
There's nothing that's as real as the love that's in my mind."
"Home is where I want to be,
but I guess I'm already there."
"I'm a thousand miles from nowhere.
Time don't matter to me.
'Cause I'm a thousand miles from nowhere,
and there's no place I want to be."

"I came here lookin' for something,
I couldn't find anywhere else.
Hey, I'm not trying to be nobody,
I just want a chance to be myself.
I've spent a thousand miles of thumbin',
yes, I've worn blisters on my heels."
"Pity not the weary traveler,
he lives in his mind.
He is friend of wind and weather,
and from fire is born."
"I met some people,
I traveled around.
But home's always the best place to go."
"Though the miles lay long behind you,
you have still got miles to go.
How's love ever gonna find you?
If it ain't here, it's down the road."
"It's been about three weeks now,
since I laid in a bed.
No rest for my soul I need,
a little soul rest for my head."
"I'm livin' on a highway
and nobody stops for me.
So I keep on going,
my head down, my thoughts are kept to me."
"The road is fucking hard,
the road is fucking tough.
There's no question that,
it is rough, rough stuff.
It's the fucking road my friend,
but it's the only road I know."
"The semis roll through like stainless steel stallions,
Going hard, going fast, going wild.
Rollin' hard, rollin' fast, rollin' by."
"No matter which way the wind blows,
it's always cold when you're alone.
Ain't no candle in the window,
you got to find your own way home.
The rain ain't gonna hurt ya,
it's come to wash away your blues.
It's all up to you."
"I fell down in the desert baby, yea,
I had nothing but a piece of paper.
I had to write something down,
And I found myself alone.
Then I let go of everything,
Into another dimension."
"Empower me,
With righteous motivation.
To respect and self-control.
Show me love,
And how to give to others.
Teach me by the things you do,
And the words you say."
"I don't know where I'm going.
Won't you follow me?"
"Grandma loved a sailer,
who sailed the frozen seas.
Grandpa was that wailer,
and he took me on his knee.
He said, 'Son I'm going crazy,
from living on the land.
Got to find my ship-mates,
and walk on foreign sands."
"I'm tired to the bone.
My back's against the wall.
I've been on my own,
so long I can't recall."
"I woke up in another strange place,
by a forty acre parking lot with every kind of sign.
I was talking to another strange face,
who was telling me he didn't have the time.
All I want is behind that mountain,
all I need is the other way.
All I am is a lost soul searching,
all I have is today."

"One lonely Beastie I be.
All by myself without nobody.
The sun is beating down on my baseball hat.
The air is getting hot, the beer is getting flat."
"The road goes on forever,
and the party never ends."


  1. Wow - that was great!! We miss you already - come back soon.

    Lynn & Rick

  2. INCREDIBLE. I can't believe how much you've been doing. Amazing photos!

  3. Buddy, that was an epic ending to a fantastic trip. Wish I could have been there right alongside you. Fired up for your northeast return.

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