Friday, October 9, 2009


i am in Christchurch. it is saturday the 10th here. i am in the same clothes that i put on wednesday the 7th except for the sierra nevada hoodie i scored in boston, which i have managed to stink up as well. i can't take one breath through my nose without smelling my feet ha. i think i need a shower.

the 8 hour layover in lax was pretty shitty but i managed. i met a very nice couple, russell and joy, on the plane to auckland, hopefully i will meet up with them later. i crashed pretty hard on that plane, read a lot and also watched The Hangover and 98% of Burn After Reading before getting involved in a conversation, missing the ending, then passing out again.

auckland airport was fine. going through biosecurity was a bit of a pain and i had a bit of a scare as i watched my waders, tent, net and fly tying materials get carried off to an "authorized personel only" room while i was re-packing my wading boots and other crap that i had pulled out. but everything came back looking about as it went in, so that's good.

the most physically testing part of the journey was the mile walk from the bus stop in downtown ch'ch to the hostel, carrying 2 40 lb bags and another 20 lb one. i had a feeling that was going to happen, but i slayed that dragon like i knew i would.

shower, food, beers? sleep. word.

thanks so much for all the amazing emails i came to find. i need to re-read them all again when i'm not so exhausted. evidently the internet is rather slow here so pictures may have to wait a bit.

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