Wednesday, January 25, 2012

winter, weather

not so long ago i was bummed cause i thought trout season had ended. i suppose it never really does, but it does get tougher to get em to eat in winter. lucky for me, a new season started just as the other one "ended".
winter steelheading. a lot can be said about it. there's so much time to think. i guess that's part of the allure. maybe it's because of the locations i've been fishing in lately, but i've really been enjoying the scenery and the weather.
even when the weather is less than ideal, as far as standing in a river goes, it can all be appreciated. sometimes the weather is so "bad" it makes me laugh. i mean, there's a lot worse things to be doing.
i like to think that braving adverse conditions will increase my odds. like the fishing gods will take pity on me for fishing in the rain or the cold and a steelhead will strike. i do believe that those who fish in non-optimal conditions can be rewarded, sometimes extravagantly.
i've yet to personally confirm that while steelheading this season. but as long as you understand that you will, eventually, get a bite, i think that's reason enough to be out there, no matter the conditions.

one bite in the last 4 weekends leave me hoping that it's true.

it is true.

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