Friday, May 13, 2011


i currently sit in the living room of liz and ben in Denver, Colorado. the voyage west was successful and i now am a short five hour jaunt from the welcome gate of the 4UR. this trip's itinerary: searsmont - portland - brooklyn - charlottesville - charleston - cashiers - denver.
got to stay with Jerms and BJ in summerville. went offshore with Ricky and filled the coolers while getting my farmer's tan on. boated close to 20 different species that day in the southern sun. then Jerms poled us around on an early low tide for reds, who weren't as cooperative.
from charleston, rolled west to cashiers, nc where Boone waited on us. had a good ol time at the mountain house. lots of laughs had by all. floated the tuckaseegee and had one of the best days of all three of our angling days, landing ~70 fish over the course of a very leisurely 9 hour float.

took a little jaunt into the waterfalls of the headwaters of the horsepasture river, landed a couple beautiful wild rainbows and played around in the water, smalls falls/baxter state park style. first time swimmin since last summer!

and then the real driving began. Lucas and i left north carolina at 10 am on wednesday and got into the denver city limits around 9 am the next day. very happy to see that Colorful Colorado sign when we finally got across kansas and then we were greeted with this weather:
White Lightning braved the spring storm with ease and i got my long awaited nap on the couch once i made it to vine st. off to the ranch in a couple days. Goose Creek here i come!

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