Friday, April 29, 2011

anticipation, princesses

last day of work in Maine for a while. White Lightning is back from the mechanic. bags are being packed. clothes and furniture are being left behind. the pedal is about to hit the floor. friends have been notified: be there soon, leave a key. Lucas joins. the Basstards together yet again.

had some great friends over last night: Reid, Jessica, Will, John, Miriam, Iris and George. lotsa good pizza and a buncha laughs. when Miriam had tired of basketballs and skateboards and boy things, she came up to me and softly asked, with a look that no one could ever say No to, "do you have any princess toys?" Ben and i looked at each other and then we knew we had the perfect remedy. back in december, some other good friends left us with a housewarming gift that would please the masses last night: Snow White & The Seven Dwarves PEZ set. the star: Snow White, of course!

about to rollout. more lower 48's to check off. lotsa freedom. Snug tuesday night. stay tuned.

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