Thursday, February 3, 2011


seeing as this web-log has been fairly inactive as of late, i reckon it's about time to give an update on what's been happnin'. settled down for a minute here in portland, finding a home with a good friend from Belfast and Bates. good times on Emery Street, yet again.

i will be heading back to the 4UR in May and looking forward to it as well. i just can't seem to get fish and water out of my head. so that's a good thing. been getting my fix on the Mousam here and there and after a successful outing on the Royal, i'll be investigating those waters a little more as well.

the job "market" in Portland is a little discouraging to say the least. this off-season seasonal work thing will perhaps require a little more forethought in the future. what it is.

my itchy feet got a little scratching in the past couple weeks though. more on that to come.

at any rate, hello, SeektheFreed lives on, please keep stopping by!


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