Monday, March 29, 2010

itchy feet

the eastward plane leaves in less than ten hours. i'm excited.

i took a little cruise northward. everything i saw i had never seen before. except for some of the people; i had seen some of them before. but not for a while, so that was nice. i made some new friends too.
i went to seattle. i had a look around. i had fun there. i got on a big boat and stood on the bow, my face in the wind. it brought back memories or trips to diamond and peaks islands and also memories of early mornings aboard the Offshore Investment. i breathed salty air deep. and smiled.
i went to portland. i had a look around. i made some new friends and ate some great food. i got lost downtown and then got found. after a six-month search, i finally got my hands on an appropriately-priced, used copy of The Old Man and The Sea. i gave it some more use.

thanks to Jake & Jen and Brooke & Stella for rides. thanks to Kyle for breakfast and laughs. thanks to MB, Sarah and Hero for their couch and fine vegetarian cuisine. many,many thanks to Bob and Barbara for the massive bed, food, beers and the amazing tour. thanks to Pete for beers, laughs, early morning transportation and semi-dysfunctional Starbucks conversation. i hope to see you all soon!
AND. a million thanks to miss kerrin and the staskawicz fam for providing an amazing rest stop for my bum ass on this adventure. i can't thank you enough.

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  1. So are you on your way back to Maine? What is the plan when you return?