Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the end of the world: what it is


christmas planning currently underway. those in attendance: the basstards (lucas, jesse), trippin' for trout (chris, kris), georgia (drew, matt, al). at some point between now, 11:31 pm, and roughly twelve hours from now, we will embark on a journey into the bush to celebrate christmas. plans in progress.

so lucas and i left queenstown and headed south and east. we fished a day here and fished a day there, then later fished a day over there. saw some fish. caught some fish. we also put a good size of kilometeres on the turbo diesel. saw some sights. caught some sights.

we went to the end of the world. and came back. my sandals didn't make it there. no pictures for the end of the world will be shown here. it's not what you might think it looks like. there is sheep poo there.

we woke up on a beach. there were waves there. there was sun there. there were millions of tiny, water-formed, spherical rocks. we wore no shirts. we jumped in.

we went to the deepest lake in the country. we climbed above it. we looked down and across and over and past it. we jumped in.

we went to the ocean. we drove through a tunnel to get there. we made some friends. we may visit them later.

we awoke to blue skies. the best we've seen in moons that we could not see. the water felt good on our legs and feet. whatup sun? hello fish. which delight from my fly box would fool you? how many pieces of candy will i send by your nose? how many casts will i make before i cast to you no more? 1? 20? a dozen? 3?
we went to a mansion.

blue skies seen again. came back. to queenstown.

tomorrow off.

merry christmas!


  1. amazing pictures, your stories getting better all the time.
    big storm coming in the North Country we shall have a White Christmas, and will all have a Cheer and Toast for you.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. ummm....that doesn't suck. 6th pic down is my new desktop, thanks for the stocking stuffer.

  3. i love the straight chillin in picture #1. meow.